Getting “Error 404” when trying to Register your SSS Account Online?

error 404-SSS online


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4 Responses

  1. Ayap says:

    Please send me the details. I have tried several browsers but, it didn’t work. I also tried googling the answers, unfortunately, I can’t find any. I’ll try to email SSS for this concern or send a SMS. Please respond to me via email and give me an updates in regard with the resolution on this matter. I am hoping that there will be no identity theft or whatsoever since I have inputted all my private information on the website.

  2. carlo says:

    for 2 months tintry ko maregister ung sss ko sa website nila.. laging error same error.. magsend ka ng email sa sss wala din namang sagot.. wala man lang explanation kung bakit gnun at wala din advise about the time frame.. masama kasi sila walang palya magkaltas pero tong simpleng pagregister lng sa website nila pinapahirapan pa kami..

    • Janice says:

      Hi Carlo,
      I know it’s frustrating and I wish I have an answer to that.
      I had similar issues in the past and I never heard anything from SSS about it.
      I’m not quite sure either if they’re updating their site or if there’s just a lot of users trying to access the site all at the same time.
      I hope you finally make it soon.

      Thanks for dropping by to share your experience.

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