How I lost a few Thousand due to a 100-peso Balance in Internet Bill

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  1. EINz says:

    Fortunately, we never encountered any problems with internet connection at home using Smartbro. What I have to endure right now is when I can no longer use my Data Connection everytime I go out. I have to downgrade my subscription plan to help me save a little.

    • Janice says:

      Because of that incident, I had to put “that trade” on hold for now coz it’s still below my buying price. sad… 🙁

      Ah so you’re using SmartBro. Why can’t you use it when you go out? is that the one that’s connected to usb port?

  2. Tim Zapata says:

    We also experienced the same thing mam, we also didn’t know we incurred a balance of P300 that was left from our previous bill and it really affected my Home-based online English lessons/classes, and they had to disconnect our connection. haist! PLDT sometimes (or should I say ALWAYS) are not considerate to their LONG TIME customers. Thanks for your post mam. It’s really helpful and served as my reminder

  3. Quincy says:

    Excellent perspective and thoughts, Jeff. Thank you for the input. I agree that because the social media waters, discipline, expectations and so on are such muddy waters right now, there will not be one true traditional area that emerges as “owner” of it, or even the most successful with it. Still, my inclination is to say that PR, provided as an industry it can catch up a bit, should be heavily involved if not the purveyor of social media activation and education. Thanks for chiming in.

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