How to Get the NEW Postal ID in the Philippines

Postal ID Philippines


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6 Responses

  1. Kiran says:

    Make sure you bring all necessary documents when you renew including the mentioned requirements above or proof of your new address. How much is Postal ID application fee?

  2. ja says:


    If I failed to get the delivery of my SSS ID, how should I proceed with PhilPost?

  3. VANESSA says:

    My bf applied for a postal id so he can use it as a requirement to get a passport. Its been 2 month,he still ddnt get it. Bythe way he lives in albay.

  4. khim says:

    what i should bring? to renew my postal i.d its will expired this jan 16 2016, to i need to bring the same requirements (NSO,barangay/utilities bill) or just my old postal i.d that will expired this jan 16 , thanks

  5. Victoria says:

    Can I use my old postal id to renew my passport, my postal Id will expire Aug 2016..I’m scheduled April 2 at dfa for passport renewal…

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