I could have doubled my money, but 30% profit is not bad

I bought LRW (Leisure & Resorts Warrants) at P3.2 per share last October 27, 2014. During that time I’ve been hearing a lot of good news about this company so after doing my own research, I decided to buy a FEW shares (I wished I bought more!)

8 trading days later, I checked my portfolio while in the hospital and I was surprised when I saw that it already reached 30% gain. My short term goal for this stock is 20% and it even exceeded it. I was kind of confused if I would continue to hold it and wait for it to even go higher OR be satisfied with my returns and sell it before it’s too late.

The latter prevailed so I sold all my shares and I was very happy with my 30% profit.

And today, I checked the numbers of LRW and I was amazed with its performance. Little did I know that it continued its bullish trend since I sold my shares two days ago. And now its recorded high was almost double than my buy price which means that had I not sold my shares yet, I would have doubled my money. And that’s a 100% profit, waaaahhh!!! Sayang!

But I didn’t know that it’s gonna turn out that way. A lot of times in that past I thought that the stocks that I bought will go up and I will take home good returns but most of them didn’t happen that way and up until now, some of those stocks are still showing RED on my portfolio. Now that I got the chance to choose a good stock, I sold it too soon.

I wanted to get back into the game but I think it’s too risky already. The value of the stock is too high and the chance of getting good profits is smaller now because it’s been bullish for a couple of days and it might soon reach its “resistance” level (when it’s gonna bounce back and move sideways or even go bearish).

I’ll just try to convince myself that my 30% returns is way way better than the less than 1% interest in the bank and that I should be thankful for this opportunity.

Btw, I’m not that good in technical analysis thus I don’t use technical terms that much. I only share my experiences in the stock market based on how I understand it and I hope you understand it too. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I could have doubled my money, but 30% profit is not bad”

  1. My goal for next year is to open an account with one of the brokers out there. For now, ill read finance blogs and hopefully i could learn something about investing before i finally get into the real game. 🙂
    It’s nice that i’ve stumbled upon your blog. I’ve read a few posts and it’s interesting. And im learning too.

    1. Hi Mimi,

      I’m glad that you find my blog posts interesting and that you’re also learning from it.
      That’s actually what I usually suggest to wanna-be-investors, to educate themselves first either by attending seminars/webinars or reading finance-related articles and blogs.

      Good luck and hope to hear from you again! 🙂

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