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My Own Way of Saving the Lives of Other People

I attended a meeting today at Philamlife and I learned a lot of things from the speaker but I just want to share ONE important thing that touched me the most.

I usually write long posts but I’ll make this one short and sweet. 🙂

The main role of an Insurance Financial Advisor or Premier Agent (no matter what insurance company we’re from) is TO SAVE THE LIVES OF OTHER PEOPLE, mainly our clients.

I never expected that I would join the world of Insurance. My only purpose when I asked my friend who works in an Insurance Company was to know how I could avail of Life Insurance for myself and for my husband. And I never thought about getting one until we had our first child.

I guess you know what lies behind an Insurance Policy. It’s something that a lot of us are not interested to talk about but we know that IT IS IMPORTANT. I won’t be digging much into the details of having a life insurance because I know it’s kind of a sensitive matter and not a lot have an open mind to discuss things like this. But here’s my take on this…

Nobody wants anything negative to happen. But we all know that nothing is certain in this world. ANYTHING can happen. We just don’t know when.

When I got my own insurance, it somehow gave me that sense of security and peace of mind, not only for myself but also for my loved ones. But I’m not saying that you too should get one for yourself. I believe that having an insurance is not for everybody. It may sound like a contradiction to my role as a Financial Advisor but I’m just being honest. If you’re single, young, and no one depends on you, then you might not really need one, unless you want to or you have other reasons to have one for yourself.

I thought that if I am positive about having insurance, then maybe I can also share it to others. So, I joined Philamlife. I knew a lot of people have negative impressions and misconceptions about insurance and I respect them. But here’s what I have to say…

I joined the insurance company to touch and save other people’s lives.

I know this line has been overused and I’m sure you’ve heard of this a lot of times but honestly, this is what I live up to. This is my motivation and this is part of my advocacy of spreading financial literacy. And I’m sharing this not only because I am with Philamlife, but because this is what I believe in and I’m hoping that by doing this, I would somehow be able to add value to my life and the lives of other people.

Disclosure: I am a Licensed Financial Advisor of Philamlife. Should you be interested to know more about its products, you may contact me directly through my Contact Page. (Don’t worry, consultation is FREE! 🙂 )

Insurance Investment

Why It’s Important to have an Accident Insurance

Our former “kasambahay” was accidentally hit by a car while she was walking across the street from the “sari-sari” store. She thought it wasn’t that bad because she only felt a mild pain on both her hands and her abdomen.

I’m actually having a hard time imagining and explaining how she got hit but according to her, her position was like of “super woman” with her two hands in front as if trying to stop the car from hitting her but she got hit in the end.

She tried to confront the driver who came out of the car angrily and instead of asking for apology, he acted as if he was the one who got hit. Our “kasambahay” said she got shocked with how the driver disrespected her that she missed to get the car’s plate number until he got back to his car and drove away.

The people who witnessed that simple accident said that it was the driver’s fault and not hers but no one took the initiative to get the plate number either. Thus we had no one to blame and get accounted for after all.

Days passed and our “kasambahay” had been consistently complaining about the pain on her hands and abdomen. What we thought of as a simple accident became serious and because of that we had to pay for her check-up and medications. She’s no longer working for our family but we still continue to give financial support when she needs help.

Remembering this incident made me think that having an accident insurance is really important. An accident is an unforeseen circumstance that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage or loss. Nobody wants to be involved in an accident. And having an insurance doesn’t give us an assurance that we won’t get into any accident but it somehow gives us that sense of security that when something similar happens, we can get financial assistance through the benefits of the insurance.

After giving it some thoughts, I decided to get an accident insurance for our new “kasambahay”. It’s an additional expense but I think it’s better to shell out a small amount of money for security and hopefully nothing happens, than something happens but we don’t have the insurance needed.

Disclaimer: I’m a Licensed Financial Advisor of Philam Life but this post is not intended to sell or endorse their products. This is only to share my experience and it doesn’t cover all the details in the article. Should you be interested to know more about their products, you may contact me directly through this Contact Form.