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Thanks NIKL for my P27 gain, but greed please go away!

I bought NIKL at a price of 25.2 on April 29, 2014. It was my first day in trading.

The next day, the price stayed lower than my buy price and I got bothered. I set a goal that I will sell it as soon as it hits a price higher than my buy price. When it hits 25.5 on the third day, I sold it all without hesitations. I met my target and so I let go of it with a net gain of P27.53.

But the price went up further in the following days. From 26 to 27 to 28 and even 29!

Ugh! I should have held it rather than selling it too soon. Yes greed was slowly killing me at some point. I regret that I sold it early. But I always keep on reminding myself that I should not be controlled by greed.

I guess, one lesson learned for me is when I set a goal, I should follow it, accept the gain or loss, and try not to check it back nor recompute it using its current price especially if it’s higher now than when I sold it because it’s just going to make me feel bad.

Another thing is, I should always think of my decision positively. It’s okay that I sold it early. I may not have earned much but at least I didn’t lose much either. That 27 pesos, no matter how small, it’s a real profit. It’s even higher than a month’s interest in the bank for your P50,000 savings account.

You might say, wehhh? But yes, it’s true. I once had 50,000 on my savings account back then (yes back then :)) and I was happy to see it earned 20 pesos interest. Not bad, was it? It was passive income after all.

But actually, I’m just kind of ‘sour graping’. I’m just trying to make myself feel better with that supposedly higher profit that I earned had I not sold NIKL too soon… Oh greed, stay away from me!

Investment Stock Market

You sold your stock? MOVE ON!


Another lesson I learned in trading is learning how to get over with the previously sold stock and move on…

The very first stock that i sold was NIKL. I bought it at 25.2 and it continuously went down for the next couple of days. After a week, it finally went up to 25.5 and I hurriedly sold it because I was afraid that it might go down again. Upon checking my ledger, I was happy to find out that I did not lose on that trade. But I didn’t earn big either.. In fact I only earned P27 net. And this is what I considered as my first ever salary in my ‘stock market job’. Not bad right? But not so good either…

After selling it for 25.5, the price of NIKL went higher in the next couple of hours and even up to this day. It’s now averaging at 25.8
And this is when greed makes me feel guilty of being excited to sell early. it makes me feel bad of course because when i compute, my earnings would have been much higher if i sold it later. greeeeeeeed again…

Lesson learned: It’s ok to check for the current price of a previously sold stock but make sure you won’t feel any regret or disappointment. It’s ok to compute for the difference in profits had you sold it with the higher price. But try not to compute for it more than twice because it’s gonna drive you crazy… (sayang, sayang, sayang… ) If u do, again.. greed will come into place.. Remember, that’s our number one enemy.. And that’s what we’re trying to stay away from…



As of July 24 this year, NIKL’s current price is 35.7

I bet you guessed what I’m thinking right now… SAYANG! 🙂