This website is about the different investment tools and vehicles that would probably help me in achieving my goal to financial freedom and hopefully help others too.

I created this website to share my experiences from being a simple saver to a wise investor.

Continuous education plays an important role in learning about the different investment tools. And I do this by reading articles and blogs online; attending seminars, workshops, and expos; and joining groups who share the same interests. Most of these seminars are paid, but there are also a lot out there that are free.

Since I could not afford to pay someone to build my website, I self-learned it. I was inspired with the idea that I will be developing a website on my own even without having to go through formal education and no experience at all. I was motivated with the motto that says

“If others can, why can’t I?”

After researching and watching different tutorials on how to make a website, plus with patience and dedication, I’m proud to say that I made it! And this Pinay Investor website is my first product.

Welcome everyone!

Cheers to our Financial Freedom,