These are some of the questions that came out of my mind while working on this website. I didn’t edit anything so some of these might really sound funny. 🙂


  • Q: Why did you create this website?

A: After reading other people’s blogs, I was inspired to build my own, where I can write whatever I want.

  • Q: Why www.pinayinvestor.com of all other possible domain names?

A: The domain was available, so why not?:) Actually, it took me 3 months before I finally came up with this domain name. It was easier for me to write articles than to think of the name of my blog site. What I wanted initially was something like mamatrader, momtrader, macey’s mom and a few others but all of them were already taken.

  • Q: Is this website related to www.pinoyinvestor.com?

A: No. pinayinvestor is totally separate from pinoyinvestor.com. Honestly, I’m subscribed to the latter’s newsletters. It offers great resources for stock market investing. Its approach is professional and formal while mine is more informal and personal.

  • Q: Did you really create this website yourself?

A: Yes, I’m proud to say I did. It was difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about web development but I self-learned it. Thanks to youtube tutorials.

  • Q: Why didn’t you just pay someone who knows better than you?

A: Actually that was my original plan. In fact I inquired from different web developers but the fee was not as affordable as I expected. Little did I know that I could do it on my own.

  • Q: I don’t see “powered by wordpress or blogger” anywhere on this website. Does it mean you used a different platform?

A: I learned a little bit about HTML and CSS and fortunately, I learned how to customize it to something like the one that I have now at the bottom of the page. But to answer your question, I am using wordpress’ platform.

  • Q: Why does the theme change from time to time? It’s confusing. I sometimes think that I’m on the wrong site.

A: Sorry about that. 🙂 I didn’t mean to confuse you. I’m just amazed that I can actually do some customizations on my site without having to bug my web developer each time I want to change something, had I chosen to have one. But actually, I’m still experimenting on my site. So please bear with some of the changes I make like the color, font, and maybe even the theme sometimes.

  • Q: I see in the footer area that you also have other websites. Why didn’t you just put everything in one site?

A: Because I think it would be disorganized to see my baby’s milestones and my favorite food and travel on a finance-related website. So I decided to create different subdomains for different niches.

  • Q: If I decide to create my own website, will you help me?

A: Sure! I’ll share some of the tools that I use and the links to the tutorials that I follow.

  • Q: Do you really earn from blogging? Like how much or how little?

A: A lot of people asked me that too. But honestly, no. Not yet. I guess because I’m just new in the blogosphere and I’m just starting to invite readers and traffic to this site. But eventually hopefully I could monetize this blog.

  • Q: Aside from blogging, do you offer other services that your readers and followers might be interested in?

A: I do. I’ll just publish it in one of my site’s pages soon.

  • Q: You said you’re unemployed. How do you pay for you websites and internet bill? How do you survive? Are you rich?

A: Good question! 🙂 First of all, I’m not rich. I wish I am but again, I’m not. With a few savings from my previous job plus prayers, I survive. We survive. I think I don’t need to have a lot of money or to be rich to survive. Being with my loved ones, doing what I love, and living within our means are enough to survive.


That’s it for now. I’ll add more should I have anything else to ask for myself. Or if you have any questions for me, feel free to send them in through the Contact Me page. I’d love to add them here at the Q&A page. Thanks 🙂

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