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Lessons I Learned in Trading


Most investors and traders say that we should not be too emotional when trading in the stock market.

And as I do my daily trading, true enough, i learned that we should try our very best to avoid greed because it will give you nothing in the end.

I’ve been trading conservatively for the past two weeks and I could say that the reason I have not achieved my goals yet is because I keep on expecting for higher returns. if only I get contented with lower returns then I might get higher profits unexpectedly.

Now I’m beginning to understand why most traders suggest not to be greedy.

Bloom has already reached 12.6 from my buying price of 11.95.
I wanted to sell it that day but I expected that it will go higher.. However, it went even lower than its price when I bought it.

Had I sold it, I should have earned profits already and more so, I have already used my capital to trade for other stocks. Now since it’s low, I couldn’t sell it yet because I’ll lose some amount. Thus, my money is stuck. No movement, no profits, no nothing. Just like a waste of time…

Yesterday I bought MA at 0.02, and it went up to 0.023 this morning. I was surprised.. My initial goal was to sell it when it go up to just 0.021 but again, out of greed, I expected that it will go up by probably 0.024 and that’s when I’m going to sell. And to my dismay, it never reached that point. It even went lower down to 0.021 towards the closing period. So I’m left with nothing again. No gains, no movement, no profits.. It’s frustrating but at least I know where i fell short on.

I guess the big lesson here is contentment. Learning how to be content is something that I need to really work on in the next trading days.

Tomorrow is another day and I will do my best to trade better and wiser. It’s better to earn a centavo than zero. Be content with my earnings be it big or small. Don’t be greedy. Set goals that are realistic and attainable. And be firm with it. Don’t try to change your goal just because you think that it might go higher, because we cant turn back time if it turns out the opposite.

Be humble. Don’t let money control you, but rather, be the one to control your money and use it wisely. Don’t overspend nor use it with negative intentions. If you earn, share your blessings to others and give back to the Lord for He is the one who provides everything…

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