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Why I Don’t Join Royalè and other MLM-related Business

Having friends who are into the Royalè Beauty Products business, the title of this post may sound negative or even controversial. But there’s more to this post than the title alone. I hope you read on to know why I don’t join Royalè and other MLM-related businesses.

When I signed in to my facebook account today, I saw an invitation to like a fan page from one of my friends. I checked the page and found out that it was related to the currently trending Royalè Beauty Products. I scrolled down a bit on the page to find out more about the business. I was surprised when I saw two of my other friends’ names tagged on a post. The one who invited me to like his page was a friend from our province.  The second was a colleague from my previous job, while the third was my schoolmate in college. What a small world indeed!

I knew that these guys don’t know each other personally (before) but became a part of each other’s network because of Royalè. And that suddenly inspired me to write this post.

Actually, I have been invited by a couple of friends to join their network with Royalè. I have nothing against this business. Royalè has great products and I know for sure that it’s not a scam. But I find it awkward and shameful to say no to their invitations. I couldn’t explain to them either the reasons behind my refusal to join their business. I’m afraid that they might misinterpret a ‘NO’ as offensive or being unsupportive especially because they are my friends.

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is not new to me. I believe in this kind of business and as a matter of fact, I’ve joined various MLM-related businesses in the past. Let me share you a few…

I signed up with Herbalife twice. The first was when I was in college. I was in search for a part-time job back then when I saw their ad somewhere (I already forgot where exactly that was).  I attended the presentation at their office in Makati and since I didn’t have money that time, my ‘upline’ (I forgot her name too), allowed me to stay in their office and make calls to invite my “circle of friends” to join Herbalife’s programs and opportunities. Apparently, that didn’t work out.

The second time was when I was invited by my college friend. I was already employed that time so when she invited me to their presentation, I was again amazed listening to the success stories of the members. Some of them were the same people I’ve seen when I first attended the presentation. And because I was already earning from my job then, I signed up and paid the membership fee. I tried marketing it through my friends and colleagues, but that didn’t work out either.

MLM multi-level marketing 

Before Herbalife, I also attended the BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting) or BOP (Business Orientation Program) with other MLM companies. The very first was with Globelines. It sounds like a big company but it’s not related or affiliated with Globe Telecom. Not at all. In fact, it turned out to be a scam. I wrote an article about this experience a few years ago and I’ll share it on a separate post.

I also remember attending business presentations with Four Quadrants, DXN, Nu Skin, and a few more which I don’t remember any more.  The last was with Vmobile, which was a one sim-load-all kind of thing. I was invited to their BOM by a colleague and for the nth time, I was amazed with their convincing and kind of ‘hypnotizing’ presentation and success stories. It was a very good timing for them because: 1) it was pay day, 2) I just got my 13th month bonus not too long ago, 3) I received the full amount of my share from a paluwagan, and 4) I had a few savings in the bank. It wasn’t much but it was enough to pay P30,000+ in full. And it all happened in just 3 hours. I was totally hooked. I’ll share the full story of this experience in a separate post but to conclude this part, unfortunately, my P30,000 ‘investment’ was put to waste.

I’m sharing these experiences to you without any intentions of convincing you not to join MLM business. There is nothing wrong with Multi-Level Marketing.

It is a legitimate marketing strategy in which members are compensated not only for the products or services that they sold but also for the sales of their recruits.

It is different from Pyramid Scheme which is an unsustainable business model that primarily involves recruiting and enrolling people to join the business. Most of these schemes don’t have products or services involved. The membership fees are used to pay the people on top or ‘uplines’ thus in order for you to earn, you have to recruit more people.

And I believe Royalè is a multi-level marketing company but certainly not a pyramid scheme.

MLM multi-level marketing

I may have not succeeded (yet) in this kind of business but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try it again. Maybe I will or maybe not. But one thing is for sure. I will be more vigilant and responsible now in all my decisions and actions. The common denominator of my failures was not mulling things over  long enough to make sound and better decisions. And these failures have taught me a lot of lessons. Sadly, it took me a hefty sum of money before I realize that I did something that I should’ve not done too soon.

I guess you know now why I don’t join Royalè and other MLM-related businesses. At least not yet and not for now. I feel like I’ve had enough of this kind of business in the past and I’ve never been successful. It’s not because of the business itself. The products are good. I can use and sell them if I want to. The management and the so called ‘uplines’ are supportive. Some of them even provide trainings and workshops. And I know that there’s money in this business.

But inviting and convincing other people to join the business is just my greatest weakness. I tried. In fact, I tried it several times with several companies. But I just couldn’t do it well. Maybe MLM isn’t just my thing or maybe it’s not really for me or maybe this is something that I need to improve more on.

Like what I said early on, I have never been successful in any MLM business. But that doesn’t mean I’m never going to involve myself in any MLM or networking-related kind of thing again. This is a good business and if the right time, with the right people, and the right business come, why not?

If it’s for me, then it’s for me. Likewise, if it’s for you, then it’s definitely for you.

But we wouldn’t know if it’s for us until we try it. So if you think that this is worth an investment, go ahead and try it! Good luck and I wish you all the best.  

“Malay mo, maging upline pa kita pag nag-join ako.” 🙂