where to invest

Where to Invest

Most if not all my previous posts were related to investing in the stock market.

I know that not everybody is interested in this topic because aside from the fact that it’s complicated, it’s also a risky type of investment especially to those who don’t have enough knowledge and background in investing.

That’s why I always suggest to educate yourself first before you get into the world of investing.

Attend Seminars

If you’re interested to learn the basics of the stock market, there are a lot of seminars out there that you can attend.

If you already have a stock broker in mind, you can check out their website for the seminars that they offer.

Most of the brokers offer these seminars for free even if you’re not yet a customer or client. They do this to educate and encourage people to start investing in the stock market.

learn stock market

Afraid to take risks?

If you think your risk appetite is not for stock market investing, you may also visit your nearest bank.

Go ahead and talk to the marketing officer and ask about the different investment options that they offer.

Most of us only knew of savings and time deposit accounts but in reality, the banks have so many other options to make our money grow including UITFs, bonds, and even insurance.

The only thing I don’t like with the banks is that they don’t initiate offering these options for their customers unless you ask about it which I find unfair for those who really know nothing about investing.

That happened to me a lot of times in the past when I was still “window shopping” for the different investment opportunities.

 invest in the bank

Employed? Ask your HR if they Offer Investments for their Employees

If you’re an employee, you may ask your HR officer if the company offers investment options.

These are different from the government mandated contributions for SSS, Philhealth, and Pagibig Fund.

Some employers tie up with investment companies to offer investment options to their employees via ADA or Automatic Debit Arrangement on scheduled dates.

In my previous company, I got the opportunity to sign up an account separately for Homecredit Mutual Fund by Insular Life and Ayala Coop by the Ayala Group of Companies. I get deducted from my salary every pay day for my contributions.

where to invest

Invest in Real Estate

If you’re more interested in investing your money in real estate, that’s also a good option. Who doesn’t want to have his own house in the first place? Everyone does, right? Or at least everyone dreams to have his own house.

invest in real estate 

Indeed, there are so many investment options available in the market right now. We just have to be resourceful in finding and learning about these investment opportunities and choose the ones that best suit our current financial status, risk appetite, and investment goals.

Diversify Your Investments

If you have enough budget, you can have all of these at the same time.

That’s what we call diversification.

It goes with the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Meaning, you can diversify your investments by putting some of your money in your savings account in the bank, some for mutual fund, stocks, and/or in real estate.

It’s safer this way because if for example, your shares of stocks didn’t do well for some reasons, at least you still have your other investments intact.

diversify your investment

My Personal Investments

I have also tried a couple of investments including San Felipe Neri Coop, Insular Homecredit, Ayala Coop, BPI Save-up, and BDO UITF.

I have also written a few articles about my stock market venture, which you can find HERE.

I’ll try to share my experience with these investments in my future blog posts. 🙂

How about you?

What type of investment have you tried?

10 thoughts on “Where to Invest”

    1. Thanks Eden! I appreciate your time reading my articles. 🙂

      what type of investment have you tried or interested in? 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m happy for you, at least you already have a good investment..
      It’s good to invest in stocks, but as I always say, “educate yourself first”
      when you think you’re ready, then go ahead! 😉

  1. Nice post :). I used to have 70% in stocks and 30% in a bond fund but decided to go 100% stocks about a decade ago.

    1. Hello Jaime! Thanks for your comment.
      Wow! you started investing in stocks a decade ago? You must’ve earned good returns by now. 🙂

      1. I’ve done well :). I think it’s great that you’re keeping this journal as you’re learning, so others can learn with you. And you’re in a much better position than I was when I first started. Took me maybe 2 years before I felt I had learned enough to be comfortable and had a method.

        1. Good for you! I’m sure you’re already an expert investor/trader. I hope you could share some of your strategies/tips with us 😉

          I initially wanted to make this journal/blog private but I realized it may be a good idea to share my journey with others so that we could all learn together, invest together, and hopefully succeed together 🙂

          1. I’m by no means an expert :). I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

            But here’s the method that I felt suited me. I’m a strict fundamentalist. I only care about the companies’ financials. I find grossly undervalued companies based on several valuation methods. Then sell them when they’re overvalued. I never look at charts and I don’t day trade. I’m a programmer so I wrote some tools to help with the research. That’s it really :). It can get really tedious but there’s no need for advanced math.

          2. Wow! Those are really great tips!
            Thank you. I truly appreciate you sharing your tips with us here at Pinay Investor.
            This is what I like about making this journal public. I get to learn from people like you who share the same interests and kind enough to even share your own strategies especially in stock market investing.

            Thank you, really! 🙂

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