18% GAIN = Bought it NXT; Held it JSI; Sold it JAS


Some of you might be wondering what the title is all about. It looks like an equation or a formula, but it’s actually not. 🙂

This is about a stock that I bought a month ago with the stock code NXT for NextStage, Inc.

Few days later, I searched for it on PSE and I couldn’t find it. I found out that the name was changed to Jackstones, Inc. with the code JSI.

The price movement of this stock was downward and sideways before I went on my 2-week vacation in the province so I held it for the meantime.

When I came back, I couldn’t find JSI anymore. I realized that it changed its code again and this time to JAS.

Still confused?

Okay, I understand. 🙂

To make it simple, NXT, JSI, and JAS are the same company.


Anyways, I bought this stock at a price of 4.0 on April 29, 2014. It was the same day when I bought BLOOM and my very first day in stock market trading.

All that same day, the lowest recorded price was 2.95 while the highest was 4.42.

In the next 20 days, the price stayed consistently lower than my buy price. There was only one day that it went up to 4.15 and it happened when I was out of town.

Days after my vacation, the price stayed higher than my buy price though it went down a bit at times.

I didn’t invest much on this stock because I didn’t know much about it. In fact, when it was at its low points, it didn’t affect me that much because I knew that it wasn’t a big loss for me anyway. But when my paper gain went up to 20%, I wished I bought more. Yes, I get greedy too sometimes. I think everyone in the stock market does at some point. 🙂

Yesterday, it recorded the highest price of 5.50 in the last 30 days. Today, the price was constantly changing and I couldn’t predict if it’s going up further or if it’s going back down again. It hit 5.20 at one point and went down to 4.57. When it stayed quietly on 4.80, I decided to sell it.

It could have gotten higher. And yes it actually did. It even hit 5.0 again. But I tried to control that greed in me. I went back to my goal. My target was to sell a stock at a 5-10% gain. And I sold it at almost 18% gain. Not bad right? Not at all.

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