Am I ready to become a Registered Financial Planner (RFP)?


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  1. I agree with the statement “some people wait for financial crisis to happen before creating a financial plan”
    – in reality we always learn a lesson first. Sometimes those lessons are expensive and or learning things in hard way.

    But in the other hand we can do better in life if we have ” DEFINITE GOAL”, you have the BURNING DESIRE to TAKE ACTION to reach your “DEFINITE GOAL” (keywords, I’ve learned from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)

    Some other books said “SOFT SPOT” a DREAM OR GOAL. Example: someday I want to feed the street children, i really wanted to help them.

    Talking about RFP- I’ve been thinking about this too. Good that you wrote and article about this. Now I have the company to talk to or inquire when I decided to be RFP.

    • Janice says:

      Hi PhilippineAnswers, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Very well said…

      Who knows, we become classmates when we pursue RFP. 🙂

  2. It would be great if could, Jan.

  3. GAry says:

    28 October 2015

    Hi Ms. Janice,

    I hope that you have had the opportunity to become a RFP !

    I just read a column in the by Mr. Henry Ong and wanted to respond to him but all of my email attempts failed. Maybe you can help. This is what I wrote:

    Mr. Ong,

    Your response to the OFW who was wanting to save for retirement was excellent. It is great that the OFW is thinking about and will hopefully be able to save and invest some money with a retirement goal in mind.

    But it is really difficult for local employees in SME’s and barely earning above minimum wage to realistically set such a lofty financial goal. They have everything working against them with respect to investing in the stock market…limited savings potential, inflation, fees (brokerage, financial planner, etc.) and taxes that would eat up their returns and more if they were able to only buy a share or two at a time. Plus, with respect to investing in the stock market, I don’t find any low cost mutual funds, ETF’s or discount brokers available to them here.

    Your last paragraph is ‘right on the money’ but these are the very people who need a financial planner the most…and I am a firm believer in hiring a financial planner to help but he/she does have a ‘cost’ that cannot be ignored. The effort to learn and understand the investment process usually has a very steep and costly learning curve with inflation, banks, insurance companies, brokers, capital gains taxes, flim-flam artists and out right con-men wanting to take pesos away from the investor and give little or nothing in return.

    My wife has a very small business with three young employees earning just above minimum wage. I am a foreigner and retired but my heart just breaks with the thought that these employees (1) are already barely making it from paycheck to paycheck, (2) do not see the need to save for retirement (it is not in the ‘culture’?); (3) were never given any financial education in school (but neither was I); and (4) expect that their separation pay from the last job they have or that the (5) Social Security and Pag Ibig contributions they have made will fully ‘fund’ their retirement needs.

    Regarding thoughts (1) and (3) above, I’ve asked my wife’s employees to start with a simple plan of keeping track of every peso they have and spend between paychecks to find out where their money goes. Then we can look at where possible savings can come from, i.e., stop smoking!; drink water instead of a Starbucks coffee or beers on Saturday night; keep your old cell phone because it still works just fine; get the lowest cell phone load available and when it is gone, wait until the next paycheck to replenish the load; disconnect from cable tv and watch local channels; etc.

    I also give them articles to read such as yours to help them understand that they must start now with regard to saving for their retirement.

    Do you have any other advice that would help them realize the need to start saving early for retirement and what possible low cost, inflation beating investment vehicles are realistically available to them?

    Thank you.

  4. GAry says:

    28 October 2015

    Hi Ms. Janice,

    I just had another thought for your RFP ‘education’. I would highly recommend the following books by Ric Edelman: ‘The LIES About Money’ and ‘The TRUTH About Money’. While these books are definitely written for American investors and the opportunities available there, the overall information is excellent and gives the rational for being highly diversified in one’s investments. They also explain what to watch out for when looking at investments and what questions potential clients should ask financial planners/advisors before hiring them.


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