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Financial Literacy for Students: My Story and the Success of Cha-Ching

As a passionate content creator, I dedicate my time and energy to teaching people how to manage their money better through my speaking engagements, articles, and videos. Financial literacy is not just a subject I discuss; it’s a mission I live and breathe. One of my core advocacies is teaching children the value of money from a young age. I firmly believe that early education in financial literacy lays the foundation for a secure and successful future.

From the time my daughter was two years old, I began teaching her the basics of money management. It started simply, with loose coins saved in a piggy bank, and evolved into more complex concepts as she grew. By the age of three, I took her to the Philippine Stock Exchange to open her first stock market account. This early introduction to saving, earning, investing, and giving has been instrumental in shaping her understanding of money. It’s a journey we’ve embarked on together, mirroring the values and lessons championed by initiatives like Cha-Ching.


Cha-Ching, an award-winning financial literacy program created by Prudence Foundation, has recently reached a significant milestone by educating one million students nationwide in the Philippines. This program, in partnership with Junior Achievement Philippines, has been pivotal in teaching basic money management skills to children aged seven to twelve. Their approach, which includes animated, music-based cartoons developed with Cartoon Network Asia and educational specialist Dr. Alice Wilder, makes financial education engaging and accessible for young minds.

This milestone is a testament to the shared commitment of Pru Life UK, Prudence Foundation, and Junior Achievement Philippines. Their dedication to equipping young students with the necessary skills to build a brighter and more secure financial future is something I deeply resonate with. Financial literacy is not just about managing money; it’s about building resilience and fostering a mindset that prepares individuals for life’s financial challenges.

Cha-ching financial literacy program

At the milestone event in Pasig City, Pru Life UK President & CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty highlighted the importance of financial literacy in community resilience. The event featured a panel discussion with speakers from both the public and private sectors, including Prudence Foundation Regional Programme Manager Pia Warburton and Department of Education Assistant Secretary for Operations Dexter Galban. They discussed the progress made in integrating financial literacy into the school curriculum and the future plans to expand these efforts further.

One of the most exciting aspects of Cha-Ching is its continuous innovation in financial education. Initiatives like the “Cha-Ching Money Adventures” interactive online game provide dynamic learning platforms for students and teachers, making the learning process both fun and effective. These efforts have been recognized with prestigious awards, underscoring Cha-Ching’s commitment to promoting financial literacy among Filipino youth.

financial education for teachers and students
Janice Sabitsana with DepEd Asec Dexter Galban

My advocacy aligns seamlessly with the mission of JA Philippines and Pru Life UK. We share the belief that everyone deserves to know how to manage money effectively. By teaching children these crucial skills early on, we are not only empowering them but also building resilient communities. Financial literacy is a cornerstone of a stable and prosperous society, and it starts with our youngest members.

In closing, I am proud to be a part of this movement. The work done by Cha-Ching and its partners is truly transformative, and I encourage everyone to get involved. Whether through volunteering, spreading awareness, or simply teaching your own children the value of money, each effort contributes to a brighter future for all.

Join me, JA Philippines, and Pru Life UK in our mission to educate and empower the next generation through financial literacy. Together, we can make a difference, one student at a time.


I am also thrilled to have met fellow content creators and key opinion leaders who share the same mission of spreading financial literacy in the Philippines. (L-R) Ameena Francisco, known as The Thrifty Pinay, Janice Sabitsana of Pinay Investor, Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich, and Izza Glino from Savings Pinay are all dedicated to this cause.


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