My Portfolio BEFORE my 2-week Vacation


Our scheduled flight to Tacloban City was May 12, 2014, Monday, 6AM. So the last trading day before I went on vacation was Friday, May 9. My stocks were looking good. I used all my remaining balance to purchase cheaper stocks since I had to leave and I didn’t want it to stay ‘stagnant’. And by that time, I already gained about 3%. Not so big but good enough. So I was happy and hopeful before I conditioned myself that I won’t check any stock updates during my entire vacation.

While on vacation, I tried not to think about the status of my stocks. But sometimes I couldn’t help but imagine that they’re all doing well and they’re all positive. As I was enjoying the waters in the beach and falls, I also felt excited about going back to Manila to see how my stocks were doing. I knew I could check it online even if the internet connection there was very slow but I chose not to. I didn’t want to take the risk of possibly ruining my vacation should I find out that my stocks were negative. So I held my horses until I got back to Manila 2 weeks after.

Click this link to read My Portfolio AFTER my 2-week Vacation.

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