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Is August really a Ghost Month?

If you’re an investor, you’ve probably heard of Aughost – which some people refer to as August being a ghost month. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I feel for you. 🙂

I did a brief research on this and here’s what I found from my source. Ghost month is the seventh lunar month in the traditional Chinese calendar. This is significant to some people because of the belief that this is a bad time to do activities such as traveling, moving house, and starting a new business or investing.

I’m no good in story-telling so if you’re interested to know more about this ghost month thing, please go ahead and click this link. 🙂

Going back, I first heard of it when I attended COL Financial’s briefing on COL Positioning for 2015 at the Meralco Theatre two days ago. One of the attendees asked,

COL ghost month question

I don’t know if I got it all correctly but I’ll share with you some points that I’ve written on my notes based on the the panelists’ answers to this question and their suggestions for investors. Some of these are based on my personal opinion.

  • Lower volume of trades is expected this month because some investors may sell their stocks to stay liquid in their assets.
  • It can be a good opportunity for investors who do cost averaging because the share prices may be lower at this time.
  • Study the stock market and do your own research on the fundamental and technical analysis of the companies that you want to buy shares with. If you think you don’t have the skills to do so, take advantage of COL Financial latest research which can be found at the COL’s account homepage.
  • Reevaluate your portfolio, diversify, and as much as possible, go for long term investment in the stock market. It is way safer than active trading, unless you have the necessary skills.
  • On whether they should sell their shares or not, one of the answers I got was to hold on to the stock for now. Don’t sell especially if it’s at a loss. Wait until the valuations recover and bounce back.

These temporary changes in the stock market are not affected solely by this so-called ghost month. It may have created a stir in the market but we have to bear in mind that there are so many factors that affect the market performance and the valuation of shares and that include the fundamentals of the companies and the current status of the country in terms of inflation rate and all other factors.

Again, I don’t claim to be an expert. But if you’d ask me whether it’s a good time to invest or not, here are my personal opinions on this.

  1. If you are a long term investor, continue to add shares because you might get them at a much lower price this month. And this might give you good returns overtime.
  2. If you are a short-term investor or an active trader, pay close attention to the fundamentals of the companies that you want to buy or have shares with. Or better yet, take a break from the stock market for now, anyway, it’s vacation season for many global fund managers.
  3. If you feel that it’s really a good time to invest in the stock market, then do it at your own risk. At the end of the day, it’s still you who will decide for your own funds.

To all of us, good luck and happy investing! Enjoy the ‘ghost month’ with patience and positivity.

Disclaimer: I’m not a banker, fund manager, stock market expert, or investment guru. I’m just a typical newbie in the stock market, who’s trying to share what I know about investing to the readers of this blog. I don’t represent or endorse the companies or entities mentioned in this post. If you find this article substantial in your investing venture, then take it at your own risk and be responsible for your decisions. I am not liable for whatever results this may bring about in your investments.

Investment Stock Market

How I learned about Stock Market


Getting into the stock market was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. It’s seriously NOT easy.

I initially learned a bit about stock market when I attended a half-day workshop called Cashflow 101 early in 2012. I found it interesting but due to lack of knowledge, resources and motivation, I totally forgot about it. I just thought it wasn’t for me and it wasn’t my thing.

When I got pregnant last year, I was advised to be on strict bed-rest due to some health reasons. And this was when I spent almost all the days and hours reading everything about investing, parenting, blogging, and anything that I can think of. Thanks to google for providing me the answers to all my questions and queries.

Two of my favorite blog sites that are related to investing in the Philippines are and But there are a lot more on the world wide web. Just search “how to invest in the stock market, how to earn passive income, how to make money grow” and surely you’ll be directed to various helpful blog sites.

Reading blogs and articles online has indeed helped me in understanding not only investing in the stock market but also with other investment vehicles like mutual funds, UITFs, VULs, insurance, among others. It’s been almost a year since I started reading blogs and just a few weeks ago, I finally got the courage to open an online account for my stock market venture. And just like what I said early on, it wasn’t easy. And that’s the very reason why it took me some time to finally take on this challenge.

Almost everyone who ventures into any investment vehicle has his/her own turning point. And mine was simple. A few days before I opened my account, I stumbled upon a blog with a quote from Mike Dooley that says

The best way to live the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way that you possibly can.”  

I suddenly felt awaken when I read this. There are so many things that I would like to do but I fail to simply because I don’t start it. Fear and pride keep on pulling me back from the starting line. I’m afraid that I might not be successful or that I might lose all my capital. I’m afraid that my family and friends would criticize or look down on me for not meeting their expectations or whatsoever. I’m always afraid of failure and that’s the reason why I just always want to keep it safe by not doing it at all.

I realized that I won’t know whether I will be successful or not if I won’t try anything at all. Most if not all successful people started from small things or even nothing before they became successful. And that’s because they took the risk.

I didn’t want to start yet because I felt that I wasn’t fully prepared and my basic knowledge about investing was not enough to get this started. And I had been delaying this for a few months already. Then I realized that there will never be enough because learning is a continuous process. It never stops thus we can never get enough of anything. But we can stick to what we have now and use it to start on this journey. We will never get close to our dreams if we don’t make the first step. And I’m glad I’ve made mine!

And I’m positive that all the rest will be learned along the way…