Is it worth it to buy an iPhone and other expensive gadgets?

While on our way to Megamall for the supposed 3-day sale last week, my sister and I had a brief conversation about buying a new cellphone…

Sister: Ate, yung boss ko, binebenta yung iPhone 5 niya P15,000 lang kasi bibili siya ng brand new iPhone 6.

Me: Ang mahal naman…

Sister: Mura na yun. Bago lang kaya yun, wala pang 1 year.

Me: Yung officemate ni John nagbebenta din ng iPhone 5.  P7,000 lang.

Sister: Talaga??? Bilhin mo na!

Me: Ayoko…

Sister: Ano ba yan, ayaw ng mahal, ayaw ng mura… Ano gusto mo?!?

Me: Eh kasi my cellphone pa ko. Ok pa naman at di naman sira. Bakit ako bibili ng bago? Gusto ko din magkaron ng iPhone pero hindi pa yan ang priority ko sa ngayon…

Sister: Hmmmppp, KJ!

I might have sounded KJ (kill joy) but I was just being practical and honest. I’d love to have an iPhone but I don’t need it right now. I still have my 2-year old cellphone which I got from my postpaid plan for free and it’s still fully functional.

The only reason why I wanted to have an iPhone is because of its “name”. But whenever I think about its price, I always make excuses for myself not to buy one for now even if I can afford it. I like the specs and I really believe in the quality of Apple products because I had an iPhone before and my old iPad 1 is still perfectly working. Well, I know that iPhone is iPhone. And for some, it’s really the “brand/name” that counts.

For me, there’s nothing wrong about buying or having an expensive gadget like iPhone as long as you have enough budget for it. Actually, even if you have enough budget but you don’t have savings and/or emergency fund yet, I don’t think it’s practical to buy an expensive gadget, unless it’s going to generate more income for you or for your business (or maybe it’s gonna give you extreme satisfaction and happiness).

What more if you’re planning to borrow money or apply for a loan just to buy this gadget? I don’t really think it’s worth it. I’d rather buy a more affordable brand new cellphone of another brand, with nearly or even the same specs with the expensive iPhone than bury myself in debt and sacrifice my other needs for several months just to pay it all off.   

How about you, are you planning to buy a new cellphone (specifically the new Iphone 6)? Why or why not? 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not against iPhone and other Apple products. This post is purely based on my opinion and this is for informational purposes only. 

20 thoughts on “Is it worth it to buy an iPhone and other expensive gadgets?”

  1. Hi cuz,

    It’s really all about the spin. Steve Jobs was a master at that.

    He wasn’t selling you a gadget, instead, he wanted you to experience fantastic design, modern technology, a peek into the future etc. etc. etc. and all of that bullcrap. Also, most of the artistic types embraced Apple products because unlike Toshiba or Acer, Apple products are sexy. And of course, since they are the aspirational set, the wannabes like us want to have some of their luster. If that means using the same computer, phone and tablet that they do, then we will do it.

    It’s really about marketing. Brilliant marketing to be exact.

    You should read Fitz Villafuerte’s post on Starbucks and how it doesn’t sell coffee but an “experience”. It’s really fascinating and opened my eyes to why people act the way they do about branded stuff.

    Again, brilliant marketing.

    1. Hello, Ate Jill! 🙂
      You’re right, that’s what they’re really good at… MARKETING…

      And yeah, I’ve also read that post by Sir Fitz and I totally agree with him.
      My sister also spent hundreds of pesos last year just to get her pink/purple Starbucks planner which she used for the first few months and she’s no longer using it now… 🙂

  2. And no, I’m not planning on buying an Ipad or Iphone anytime soon. My Lenovo touch phone still works and if it conks out on me (hopefully in 2-3 years), I’m thinking of going for a Samsung because those things last forever!

  3. Me too, gusto ko din ng iPhone. At kaya ko din bumili niyan. 🙂
    Pero pag naiisip ko na yung savings ko na inipon ko paunti2 for how many years at mapupunta lang sa cellphone, nagbabago din isip ko. nanghihinayang ako eh…
    siguro pag madami na talaga ako pera at ipon o kaya binigay sakin, tatanggapin ko hehe

  4. I got my Iphone early this year and I’m happy with it.
    However, I somehow feel guilty during payday because the biggest portion of my salary goes to the payment of this. I have to sacrifice going to the best dining places and treating my family because I have to pay my credit card debts first.
    Once I pay it off in full, I will try my best to save more rather than spend on things that have depreciating value.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

    1. You’re welcome, Efren.
      Thank you also for sharing your experience.
      Hope you can pay it all off and be able to start investing soon. 🙂

  5. I want to have an Iphone too.
    But it’s too expensive! Can’t afford hehe.
    Papabili na lang ako sa BF ko sa abroad as Christmas gift (sana) 🙂

  6. Ako kuntento na ko sa cellphone ko. Di ko naman kailangan ng magandang cellphone. Mamaya maholdap lang o kaya marisk pa buhay ko. Yung iba, kahit walang pambili nangungutang pa para magkacellphone ng maganda. Para sosyal daw.
    Ako ayoko mangutang sakit sa ulo. bili na lang ako myphone. at least katunog ng iphone. hehe

    1. Hi Bogz,
      I agree, medyo risky nga magdala ng iphone lalo na sa mga madalas magcommute (like me) kasi sabi nga nila “takaw tingin”. Pero kahit anong phone or gadget pa dala natin, i guess it’s better na ingat ingat na lang din…
      Well, myphone is not bad ha and it’s much more affordable talaga.

  7. Ahhh, the Iphone! I have always wanted one since the first gen but other priorities took place so wasn’t able to save up for it. Years later, when larger screens became the trend, I told myself to wait a little bit more in case Apple finally decides to release a bigger screen-sized Iphone. And although I was entitled to avail a retention plan earlier this year, hinintay ko muna talagang ma-unveil si Iphone 6 haha. So yes, I may finally buy one since a) more than a year ko na syang pinag-iipunan, b) time to use the retention plan, c) naghihingalo na rin current phone, d) sige na nga, peer pressure na rin haha!

    Nice blog, btw.

    1. Thank you, Mylene! 🙂

      Good for you, you’re finally having a new iPhone pretty soon!:)
      What you did na you saved up muna before you buy something like this is way way better than getting what you want early tapos saka ka pa lang magbabayad (usually in installment basis pa thru credit card).

      And you have good reasons naman why you want to have an iphone (kasama na dun yung peer pressure 🙂
      Just consider it na lang as a Christmas gift to yourself and a price for being patient and responsible.

  8. Hmn… its really tempting to have a new gadget, but just like what you’ve said its not practical to splurge on such expense. I’d rather put it in my savings account or wise investment rather than add up as liability.

  9. While i was at the LRT yesterday, i was surprised to see that most of the students were using high end cellphones like iphone and samsung. I kinda wonder if their parents are also using similar phones or if they’re still using the low end ones just to give way to their college children.
    None of my business i know, just saying 🙂

  10. Kahit na may magbigay ng 50k sa’kin, inde parin ko bibili ng Iphone. Hehe. Okay pa naman cherry mobile ko. Eh karamihan naman sa mga gumagamit ng Iphone, because it’s “Iphone”. Mostly sa mga kakilala ko, nagswitch na sa android phones from Iphone.

    1. Parang nkakapanghinayang ngang bumili ng iPhone tapos cash pa diba? 🙂
      Pwede pa cgro bumili ng iPhone using credit card at installment payment, the rest of the 50k, invest muna somewhere. hehe.
      But yeah, android phones now are at par na din so I guess, ndi naman masama kung may magandang android phone kahit na hindi iphone un..

      Anyways, thanks for your comment, Lala.
      Merry Christmas! 🙂

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